Time to get your Barley Belt on

Time to get your Barley Belt on

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It’s time to get your Barley Belt on!

The five breweries behind Barley Belt YYC –  Annex Ale ProjectBanded Peak BrewingCold Garden Beverage CompanyHigh Line Brewing, and Village Brewery – are hosting the Barley Belt Tap Tour this Sunday, August 27, from noon until 6:00 p.m.

The Barley Belt is a marketing collaborative to get people exploring the Calgary industrial areas of Manchester, Highfield and Inglewood and the budding brewery sector that has developed. With more breweries slated for future residency, it is billing itself as becoming Calgary’s premier brewing district – and rightly so.

The breweries have pulled special liquor licenses to expand their serving areas and turn each location into something special. Live music, games, and food trucks are all planned, and of course, fine beer. It’s the first event of its kind, and is a good indication of where craft beer is going in this city. Things are becoming more localized – with clusters of breweries banding together to promote themselves.

It works like this. A beer passport is available to buy at each participating brewery leading up to, and on, the day of the event. Passports are $25.00 and entitle the purchaser to one pint at each brewery. Passports are limited (get one at one of the breweries before Sunday!) but you can still take part without one, you’ll just pay more for your beer ($6.00 each). $1.00 from every beer and $5.00 from every passport sale will be going toward United Way of Calgary. You can find out more about their organization here.

You could walk from place to place if you’re feeling fit (especially High Line and Cold Garden – they are very close together) but there is free transportation provided by Calgary Brewery Tours. It is a hop-on, hop-off service and buses will be leaving every 10-15 minutes for the next brewery.

There’ll be tons of folks out making their way around the breweries by bicycle too. Now, I’m all for this mode of transport, especially when there is sunshine and beer involved, but please be safe! Ride sensibly and remember that cars and trucks don’t give a hoot how hoppy that last beer was or how excited you are to try a new beer at the next brewery – if you get in their way and collide, you ARE going to come off second best. Observe the road rules, don’t be a jerk and arrive like a champ!

The tour takes place from noon until 6:00 p.m this Sunday (August 27). While these breweries are normally kid-friendly, this one is 18+. Sorry kiddos! Dogs will also be blacklisted, so keep Rover at home.

Check out www.albertabreweries.ca for where each brewery is in relation to the others, and begin to plan out your day.


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