I’m just popping out to grab a 150-pack

I’m just popping out to grab a 150-pack

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I was waiting for someone to do this in Alberta – and here it is. The 150-pack, for Canada Day, from Village Brewery. Chug!

Says Village:

“At Village Brewery, if you should know one thing about us by now it’s that we love community. Good beer magically becomes great when shared with a bunch of people. And if Canada’s sesquicentennial is about anything (beyond the opportunity to say sesquicentennial a lot), it’s about building and celebrating community. So here’s a few ways to do that:

150 CAN DAY – that’s one can for every year of Confederation. Yumtastic.

Village Brewery is offering a unique 150 can pack that’s built to gather people in the community. Get out and enjoy your friends and family, neighbours and networks around an unabashedly ginormous case of beer.

There’re only 50 cases being made! They’ll be available online at villagebrewery.com or at the Village Hump Day starting at 3 p.m. tomorrow June 7.

Here’s what’s in it:

70 cans of Blonde

50 cans of Squeeze

30 cans of Blacksmith

150 lb of Village love

And another thing: an incredible local singer, songwriter will add a free community concert to one lucky 150 CAN DAY celebration. It’s the Village version of a golden ticket. Rules available at villagebrewery.com.”

Village Father is back tomorrow

The Village Father is a limited edition Extra Special Bitter, brewed for Father’s Day 2017. That’s Sunday, June 18. Tell your phone to remind you. On the front of this year’s can is a picture of Vipul’s father. Vipul runs our bottling line and came to us from India. His Dad still lives there—we brewed this batch in his honour.

Dad deserves a beer of great strength and character. He deserves the finest specialty malts, a creamy smooth texture and a glorious amber glow. On Father’s Day, he deserves the extra special bottle you’re now holding. “I should know”, says the writer of this release. “I’m a dad.”

The Man Van is coming to the launch

From time to time we invite the Man Van—Canada’s first and only mobile men’s health clinic to the Brewery. And with Father’s Day fast approaching and the Village Father launching we want Dad’s to get out here for PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen). One in seven men in Alberta will be affected by prostate cancer. When detected early it is very treatable. A PSA blood test from your family doctor or a 10 minute trip to the MAN VAN can aid in early detection.

Get tested and come in for a beverage on us.

Don’t Be Sorry. Drink Responsibly.”

And that, dear readers, is the end of this story – and I didn’t even have to write it!