Hamill Brothers: Licensed to brew

Hamill Brothers: Licensed to brew

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You may have missed this last week, but the brothers behind Penhold’s beloved Red Shed Malting, Joe and Matt Hamill, received the first Alberta brewery license of 2018.

The brothers and their family are fourth generation farmers and have been producing barley since 1929. While the brothers say that malting is still their main business and that will continue, Hamill Brothers Brewing will pump our small batch beers on their 2HL system and collaborate with breweries around the province on beer showcasing their phenomenal craft-malted barley.


I’ve met both Joe and Matt a number of times (I swapped a Daily Beer tee with Joe for a Red Shed tee and it remains one of my favourite shirts) and can’t speak more highly of them. They’re salt of the earth, warm, friendly, smart and love a good beer.

They are good people and their (further) entry into the Alberta brewing world is very welcome.

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