Calgary’s Revival Brewcade brings 80s arcade to the brewery

Calgary’s Revival Brewcade brings 80s arcade to the brewery

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I am a child of the 80s.

When I was around 10 years old I had a paper run in my hometown of Hastings in New Zealand. I would collect the newspapers from the local office, then ride my BMX through the centre of the small town and sell papers to regular customers. The paper cost 50c. One customer – a jeweller – would always give me a 20c tip on top of the 50c.

Jackpot! In New Zealand we didn’t have quarters – the 20c coin was what arcade machines took. Once I’d sold my last newspaper I’d pedal my BMX as fast as I could to the local arcade, called Wizards, dump my bike outside (no padlock required back then) and then get down to business.

With 20c coin in hand, I’d choose my game wisely because if you found a game that you were good at you could make that 20c last a long time. I had a lot of favourites – Rolling Thunder, Double Dragon, Zippy Race, Street Fighter – 20c gave you a lot of entertainment back in Hastings in the 1980s.

You’re probably wondering what this stroll down memory lane has to do with beer? Well, there’s a new brewery coming to Calgary and it’s making me get all nostalgic. Its focus (other than the beer) is on the arcade games and pinball machines that shaped the generation. Way to get 1UP on the competition!

The brewery it’s going to be called Revival Brewcade, and will be located in the heart of Inglewood. They are set to open their bar in 2018, followed shortly thereafter by the four barrel-sized brewery.

I happen to know one of the owners – Jamie Archibald – who with friend James Dobbin is setting the new brewery up. I met Jamie through homebrew circles; he has participated in a couple of homebrew exchanges and I’ve had a few of his other beers as he lives in my neighbourhood of Killarney-Glengarry. He makes good beer, so I’m glad that he is the man behind the paddle of the mash tun in their nano system. Expect to see some big hoppy beers and some fruity creations.

This addition to the Inglewood community is awesome. The suburb is developing a great brewery hub that will be an awesome destination for those who want to try a few different brews at the same time. The addition of the arcade games is amazing; I’m super excited for this and will definitely be pumping some quarters into the machines they have an offer.

Jamie has already confirmed that they will have Street Fighter II, Double Dragon and Mortal Kombat. Time to start saving those quarters now!

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