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TOP 5: Ways to Celebrate Alberta Beer Week
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It’s day two of Alberta Beer Week – what to do now? Don’t stop! The fun is just beginning. Here are five easy ways that you can celebrate all that is good about our province’s breweries. Watch Aleberta This three-part … Read More

Let Alberta Beer Week Begin!
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By HAYDON DEWES Forty-four breweries. One province. Nine days of wild celebration. Let the second annual Alberta Beer Week begin! We’re proud to be part of the craft beer landscape in Alberta, and privileged to have the chance to bring to you … Read More

NEWSFLASH: The Week in Alberta Beer September 19
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Okay, take a big deep breath… Ready? Aaaaand, GO!  New beer releases – can you keep up? Calgary contract brewer Goat Locker has released its second beer, the Fainting Bock. Big Rock has released a Pacific north-west ale called Hollow Tree (designed by … Read More

Make your own Oktoberfest pretzels
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We’ve visited Oktoberfest twice, and have lasting memories from both of lederhosen and dirndl-clad festival-goers cradling a stein in one hand and clutching a pretzel in the other – but not doing much with either. Show some patience though, and … Read More

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